What is your photographic style?

My photography is full of light. I love to photograph spontaneous moments that embody all of your love and emotions without intervening, letting you be yourselves and creating a comfortable environment so that you can feel and express yourselves naturally.

I love the little details and taking photos of those little things that give your wedding personality. The flowers, the nooks, your hands, your gazes, your laughs…


What is your role at the wedding?

To photograph each moment while giving off the utmost tranquillity.

My presence will never be invasive, though it will be important. In each moment I am going to be there without bothering. I will be aware of your needs in order to help you with everything. I will make sure that each moment is ideal for capturing images in the best way, looking for the best light, the best setting, but always respecting your space.


Will you travel outside of Catalonia?

Yes, I will go wherever my couples want or need. I love to travel and photograph people in love, so I can’t imagine a better situation.


 Do you always carry out the wedding, or do you have another photographer?

Say Cute! is my project, my way of seeing wedding photography and my eye is behind every photo that you will see.

I will always be at your wedding; I wouldn’t miss it for the world.

Although! You can count on my second camera for weddings with a lot of guests or those that suppose difficulty in going from one side to the other with ease.


And if I’m afraid of the camera?

I have the perfect plan for getting over your fear; we can do a pre-wedding session. You’ll see how rewarding the experience is. You’ll have a great time and besides, once you see the fantastic result you’ll feel relaxed.

You can also use these images for your invitations, or to put up on your wedding website.


Can I hire you by the hour?

In order to create a piece that really tells your story and make it special, I like to accompany you through the whole day, to form part of every moment, to capture every breath.

I think that this is the perfect way to get you the keepsake that you deserve. That is why I only carry out weddings that require my service from beginning to end.


Why do you recommend the album?

On the day you’re going to be in a cloud; it’s my job to photograph all of the important moments and all of those details that will form part of your keepsake. The album will be the perfect way to relive it all.

Having the images is great, but all too often they end up stored in a drawer and it’s complicated to find a moment to revise them. The album, however, you’ll have in your hands. It will be your tale, and you’ll be able to share it easily with your friends and family. Also, our editing is thought out to allow you to connect with your memories. They’re not just separate images; they’re your story.


Will I have the images in digital format?

Of course! Whether you want the album or not, we always give you the images in high definition and without watermarks. Approximately 700 images will be yours. We’ll prepare a wooden pen drive with all of the images on it for you. But before we give this to you, you can have the images in an online gallery so that you can share them with all of your friends and family.


How long before I receive the images?

We don’t want you to wait even a minute longer than necessary, we know how much you’re looking forward to reliving the day. In less than a month we’ll send you the link to your gallery.

In terms of the album, the process requires a little more time. It has to be edited to perfection, revised and then sent to the lab to be prepared. This process takes at least 2 months.


How does communication with you work?

Para mi es muy importante tu tranquilidad, mi compromiso con mi trabajo es vital, por esa razón estoy siempre pendiente del mail. Puedes consultarme todas las dudas que tengas, las resolveré sin demora para no hacerte esperar. No dudes en escribirme siempre que lo necesites.


How can we meet you if we live overseas?

To begin with, we can do a skype session. That way we put ourselves face-to-face and we can have a chat about your wedding plans. Aside from this, if you arrive before the wedding to take care of the logistics, I’ll adapt in order to find a moment that we can meet each other.


Is your fee all-inclusive?

Included in the price are: all of my photographic services, the hours of wedding coverage where we won’t leave anything forgotten (every detail will be stored forever), a gallery of images online, a special wooden pen drive where you can keep all of the originals in high quality forever, the travel costs inside Catalonia, the best equipment for photographing and recording your wedding, and our professionalism and commitment to our work.

You only have to take into account expenses and maintenance if I have to travel outside of Catalonia, which is a cost apart that you’ll have to cover.

If it’s not possible to hand over your keepsake by hand and I have to send it to another part of the world, you will also cover this cost.


Why is it worth the investment?

We know that a wedding implies a lot of costs and that each provider will add a significant amount to your budget, but with Say Cute! everything will flow just as you wish.

Our professionalism goes far beyond photography; we offer you peace of mind. We’ll be there without bothering, without being invasive, but we will be aware of all of your needs.

The intention of our service is that you relive every moment, including those that you had forgotten. You can count on having access to the online gallery within the weeks following your wedding, so you can share all of the memories of the day with your friends and family.

So, let me ask: Which memento of your wedding will you have held on to 30 years from now? Yes, the photography. So don’t think of the quantity of money as being for the work of one day, because it’s not going to be like that. I’m going to work before and after your wedding in order to make sure that the images are perfect and so that in 30 years time you will look at your photos and they will thrill you all over again.