Luckily, when we decided to get married we already knew of SayCute! and we knew that we wouldn’t find better service anywhere else. We were right, the friendliness and courtesy of SayCute! made us feel comfortable the whole time. We could smile whenever we felt like it and most important, we ended up with an accurate portrait of all the great moments we lived through that day. We don’t want to brag, but SayCute! took the most beautiful photos made of a wedding ever.


When you get married, yes, you want all of your special moments to be gathered up in images as a keepsake. But what you don’t want is for the photography to control the celebration. A good photographer is, therefore, one that is there without being noticed. And this is what both Xènia (photo) and Martí (video) of Say Cute achieved. They balanced the “obligatory” photograph situations with a large number of small, spontaneous moments. The quantity and quality of the images surprised us and allowed us to re-live emotions and also discover aspects of our own wedding that we hadn’t experienced directly. Xènia made it so that even the most unpredictable situations had the photographic quality of prepared situations. On top of this, her capacity to understand what we wanted from the beginning made everything very easy. We are really happy with the result.


We met with Xènia for around 20 minutes to get to know each other and so she could explain things to us. After only that short time we knew that she would be our wedding photographer. We had read about a thousand times that it was important to feel comfortable with your photographer, and how right that was. We’d only talked through 4 basic things that we all agreed on and there was no doubt, it was her. She lets your ideas flow without imposing, so sweet, so tactful and with so few pretentions, so humble… At times it’s this and only this that is the most important thing. On the day of the wedding it was as if both Xènia and Martí weren’t there. They captured all of the moments and every feeling without us even realising. The result is very “us” and you can’t ask for more than that.


Xènia’s work has a very delicate and special essence. All couples looking for a romantic soul, subtle and passionate about the details, have to meet Say Cute!
Her brand is a reflection of her personality. She will make you feel as special as your day.


Working with Xènia has been perfect. Their kindness, professionalism and good taste make the photography sessions relaxed, intimate and very emotional.
Xènia transports you to moments of peace making you completely forget the camera and it is not simple that is why it is always a pleasure to work with her and much more to see the result of the session. Light, magic and complicity are his main qualities.


Sophie Kors Weddings has been working with Say Cute for years and we can only comment on good things about this company.
The first time we worked with Xènia, the wedding was not easy, among other things because during the banquet, she had to take pictures of all the tables (they were about 300 people) and deliver the photos to the guests, since it was the gift that the bride and groom did. She was impeccable and we were able to deliver all the photos that same night!
But the best of Say Cute is of course the end result, the sweetness with which the image is treated, its light that touches the magic and that makes all her photos looks precious.