Are you getting married?

I’m Xènia, and I’m going to accompany you on the incredible journey that will be your wedding. I would love to meet you, but in the mean time, you can discover something more about me here.

about me

We know that the process of preparation for a wedding is beautiful and full of passion, but there are times when it’s somewhat overwhelming, so I’m going to help you with everything that I’m able to take into my hands.

 As the one in charge of photographing one of the most important moments of your life, I’m going to take the job very seriously; for me it’s a great responsibility and an honour. That’s why you’ll be able to count on me at all times.

·   ·   ·   Philosophy   ·   ·   ·

Before I start telling you what I can offer, I’d like to tell you why I created Say Cute! and what photography means to me.

I feel that if you know something more about the soul that hides behind this project and what moves me to continue photographing love, we will connect in a more special way.

That’s why I invite you to spend a couple of minutes watching this video.


·   ·   ·   What we can offer you   ·   ·   ·

On the day, I’m going to be with you throughout the whole process. I’m going to be with you from the preparations, calming your nerves and photographing all of the emotions, in the ceremony, where I’ll discretely capture every loving gesture and even at the dance where I’ll enjoy those moments of happiness with you.

My photography is luminous, romantic, just like your wedding will be. I will capture every moment; with my images you will relive even the moments that you had forgotten.

I invite you to visit my weddings so you can get an idea of how I carry out my work.


Give shape to the tale

But my journey with you doesn’t stop here. One of the parts of my work that I’m especially passionate about is telling your story of love and the best way to do this is with the albums.

Albums edited with care, with pages that respect the photographs and that will make you relive the emotions of that day. Printed on photo paper and with linen covers. High quality albums, edited with indulgence to transmit the essence of your wedding.

High quality albums edited with care, printed on photo paper and with linen covers.

nuestros álbumes

But it does not end here

·   ·   ·   Do you want more?   ·   ·   ·

And if that wasn’t enough, capturing love is my passion, that’s why I also offer you pre- and post- wedding sessions.

These sessions can help you to let go of your fears in front of the camera and gain confidence, or to enjoy a good session after the wedding, without the fear of staining your dress and with all the time you need.

Our couples

·   ·   ·   For the romantics   ·   ·   ·

If you’re looking for something more, something that makes your wedding photography even more special, I offer you the possibility of having images on film.

The softness, texture and colour of this film make the result absolutely incredible. We can carry out pre- or post- wedding sessions in FINEART, or part of your couple’s session on the day of the wedding.

If you value quality over quantity and you want something truly unique as a keepsake, this is where the magic is!

Fine Art

Are we your soul mate?

Do you dream of a real-life fairy-tale wedding? Do you want to feel at ease and know that you can trust your photographer’s professionalism? Do you imagine saying, “I do” surrounded by your loved ones on a day full of light?

If you said, “Yes”, then we are the perfect fit.

My photography is romantic, full of light, spontaneous. I capture every second and every loving gesture to give them shape and turn them into the perfect memento. I love my profession and I’m going to put all of my passion into photographing your day.

Shall we meet?

I’m excited to meet you and I’m looking forward to hearing from you soon.


And if you still have any doubts, I invite you to visit the page of frequently asked questions.

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