Luckily, when we decided to get married we already knew of SayCute! and we knew that we wouldn’t find better service anywhere else. We were right, the friendliness and courtesy of SayCute! made us feel comfortable the whole time. We could smile whenever we felt like it and most important, we ended up with an accurate portrait of all the great moments we lived through that day. We don’t want to brag, but SayCute! took the most beautiful photos made of a wedding ever.
Julen and Marta

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We met with Xènia for around 20 minutes to get to know each other and so she could explain things to us. After only that short time we knew that she would be our wedding photographer. We had read about a thousand times that it was important to feel comfortable with your photographer, and how right that was. We’d only talked through 4 basic things that we all agreed on and there was no doubt, it was her. She lets your ideas flow without imposing, so sweet, so tactful and with so few pretentions, so humble… At times it’s this and only this that is the most important thing. On the day of the wedding it was as if both Xènia and Martí weren’t there. They captured all of the moments and every feeling without us even realising. The result is very “us” and you can’t ask for more than that.
Macarena and Mario

The result of Say Cute’s work was impressive: delicate, cheerful and very natural. Sharing the wedding day with Xènia and her team was a real pleasure. Not only did they make everything easy for us, but they involved themselves fully with their know-how and discretion. We knew that Say Cute’s work wouldn’t disappoint and after passing through their hands we can’t recommend them enough to all of the future brides and grooms who are looking for a photographer with understanding, taste and magic that will lead to a one-of-a-kind result.
Marta and Ferran

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As we were looking for a photographer, they were all too classical; we wanted something unique and ground breaking. When we discovered Say Cute!’s website, the photos had a life of their own and the light and retouch that went with them captivated us. We contacted Say Cute! and when we met Xènia we were even more hooked. Her sweetness, cheerfulness and passion for her work made us choose her to form part of our big event without a moments doubt.
Cristina and David

When you get married, yes, you want all of your special moments to be gathered up in images as a keepsake. But what you don’t want is for the photography to control the celebration. A good photographer is, therefore, one that is there without being noticed. And this is what both Xènia (photo) and Martí (video) of Say Cute achieved. They balanced the “obligatory” photograph situations with a large number of small, spontaneous moments. The quantity and quality of the images surprised us and allowed us to re-live emotions and also discover aspects of our own wedding that we hadn’t experienced directly. Xènia made it so that even the most unpredictable situations had the photographic quality of prepared situations. On top of this, her capacity to understand what we wanted from the beginning made everything very easy. We are really happy with the result.
Vero and Oriol

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Working with Say Cute! was the best decision we could have made. We are more than pleased with all of the work that they have done for us and we feel very fortunate to be able to store this memory for the rest of our lives, with the special care and attention that they have given us. They achieved everything we asked of them and much more. The photos and the video are amazing. They managed to get a special result, unique and, most important for us… unforgettable. Xènia is passionate about her work. You can tell by the way she does things and her magnificent results. If you are looking for something special, Say Cute! is the way to go, that’s a recommendation from our hearts.
Arnau, Alba and Lluc