Because I feel that if you know a little more of the soul behind Say Cute! We will connect in a more special way, I invite you to spend two minutes watching this video.

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Dreamy, romantic, enthusiastic about life, in love with flowers, with caring details, with a job well done … And with Say Cute!, an extension of my way of seeing the world, in my way of seeing love through my photography.

I am in love with my passion, photography, but if there is something without what I could not live, that is LIGHT, and photography happens just like me, it couldn’t live without light, photography is essentially light. That same light that couples give off and that I have the opportunity and the luck to capture every day.

From very small my instinct took me to take my father’s camera and capture those fleeting moments of the little things that were part of my life, and that desire, that need rather, has never left me. My passion for photography is born of that necessity to capture the moment that will make the difference: that smile, that special moment, that second in which the breath is cut … And with that photograph, that magical moment will be saved forever. From its and only from its will be generated memories that we will become infinite.

And one of the memories that will remainz forever in your retina will be the day of your wedding, a day that you will have prepared with care, with care and with time, a lot of time and love. That day will fly by, in a breath that dream day will be over and that incredible dream will only be the images.

Having that capacity, that open door to the most beautiful and intimate moments, makes me feel lucky, makes me happy.
And that passion is what I put every day in my work, to make it transcends and with it make you happy, those who trust in me.

In Say Cute I know that there is nothing more important than your memories. Each photograph is a treasure that must be kept, taken care of and touched, in order to give it life again, in order to give it the value it deserves, the value of the moments that make us dream while awake.




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