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Photographer, adventurer, romantic and above all, dreamer. For as long as I can remember I’ve had a camera in my hand. The first one was a Yashica that my Dad bought in Japan and lent to me through clenched teeth. Photography is my passion.

I studied photography at the Institut d’Estudis Fotogràfics de Catalunya (the Catalan Institute of Photographic Studies). After that, I specialised in documentary reporting (the area in which I spent my first years as a professional), fashion photography and editing. These fields helped me to create my own vision as a photographer.

I’m a hopeless romantic. As the years go by I still cry at every wedding I photograph; I feel moved by your loving gestures, your words…
I feel fortunate to form part of your story, to be in charge of capturing it forevermore.
I’m passionate about traveling, and if I get to do so in order to photograph couples in love then my dreams become reality.

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The things that make me happy:
– Flowers
– Natural light
– The sunsets, but above all to see how the colors are transformed in the sky, it seems to me pure magic
– Plants in every corner of the house
– Walls full of pictures
– All dinners with friends
– Shooting in Analog
– The smell of the photo lab
– Good food, I’m an inveterate glutton, more salty than sweet
– Sushi above all
– My little town in Navarre, the most beautiful in the universe. Ochagavia
– Bathe with the fish under the sea
– Coffees without time with my friends
– Discover any corner of the world
– The Friday white wine
And a million little things more …

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