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2 March, 2018

Como vestirse para una sesión

Today in the Wedding Tips session I will try to help you solve one of the questions that you ask me the most when we organize a photo session. What do I wear? How do we organize the couple or family look?

Today I will talk about color theory to understand what combinations of tones work best to create the looks of your photo session.

# Tip1: NO to white with jeans.

Yes, it is probably the first combination that comes to mind, it is simple and you have seen it a million times in online sessions, but no, it is not the best combination. While it is true that it will not cause problems with the location, what the white set with jeans gets is to create a separation of the body in the photos and it also takes away personality, since it gives very little information about you.

# Tip2: Try to use neutral shades and without much stamping.

In the photo sessions if you wear clothes with very marked prints or very strident colors, it can happen that they do not finish working well with the location, or that the dress ends up attracting attention above everything else. The outfits should be comfortable for you and should talk about your personality, but can not stand out above you. Working with soft, partial or neutral tones such as grayish, beige or other tones combined with these, success is assured. If you love prints, they are not discarded, but make sure that the location where you photograph is something more neutral.

# Tip3: Take the location into account.

It is not the same session in the streets of a city, in a forest or on the beach. Probably the most formal and elegant looks work very well in town, and for the forest look for a more natural and organic look. If you like prints, try not to choose a location with a meadow full of colorful flowers, otherwise if the location is neutral, prints can work well.

# Tip4: How to combine colors.

As I mentioned, in the sessions the neutral tones work better than the super saturated tones, but that does not mean that we should always wear white, black or gray. To get the best look for a photo shoot, the ideal is to understand how to combine the different color ranges.

As you can see, we can distribute the tones between warm (brown, yellow, beige …), cold (blue, navy, sky …), neutral (gray, white or black) and pink (rosewood, nude, tile. ..). In a session, if you combine any of the tones of the same range, surely the set will work perfectly.

If you want to add more color to your looks, an ideal option is to combine colors from different ranges. For example warm with cold, pink with cold or warm, and of course any of these combinations with neutral tones will add more depth of colors and success is guaranteed.

In the examples that I present you can see how the tones in these couples’ looks are combined.

1. Neutral colors with cold / 2. Neutral colors with warm / 3. Cold color and pink with neutral / 4. Warm colors with neutral / 5. Neutral colors with cold and warm more muted.

# Tip5: Let yourself be advised by your photographer and ask him for help if you are lost.

For me it is very important to be in contact with my partners to help them choose the ideal clothes for their photo shoot. Choose together the location and chat of the style you are looking for, if you want an elegant result, or perhaps more easygoing … To end choosing the ideal look for your session.

# Tip6: Do not neglect hair and makeup.

It is not necessary to go too much make-up, much less, nor need to have gone through the hairdresser, but the hairstyle and makeup also add personality to your looks and talk about you. A beach waves for a session on the beach, or a romantic hairdo for a session in the field can be cherry on the cake for your look. And for the makeup, if you like the washed face effect is perfect, but it will help a lot if you mark your eyes a little with a good mascara or an eyeliner.

And finally, if you want more help and inspiration to prepare your looks I invite you to visit the pinterest board with inspiration of looks for photo sessions.


Que seáis muy felices y que mis fotografías os hagan sonreir.



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