17 April, 2020

Music for the ears

They wanted to make special music for weddings in Barcelona. I understood its character and we planned a session in the heart of Barcelona, the Gothic Quarter, with a wardrobe that stood out among the walls full of history of its alleys, but that was organic and soft.See more


12 June, 2018


This is a very special branding portrait session.

Koaks is a music project in Amsterdam. They asked me to take some images to ilustrate their new project. A very eclectic and special show.See more


9 April, 2018


Today I show you few images of the work I realize with Aya for Dulcewedding.See more


27 March, 2018

Cristina de Mary-Clove

You already know that apart from wedding photography, I also work for beautiful brands that create well-cared products, and for them I love being able to make their brand photography. And behind each brand there is an artist, and the portrait is my favorite discipline by far, so if I love something it is to have the opportunity to photograph the creative souls that are hidden behind each project.See more


13 March, 2018

Sofia Swim

Today I show you the brand photography I made a few weeks ago for swimsuits babies brand, Sofia Swim Shop. We were looking for that casual, easygoing and beachy air, which we certainly got thanks to the wonderful little creatures that wear those beautiful swimsuits.

I invite you to visit the website of Sofia Swim if you are looking for beautiful pieces for those days at the beach that we are so eager for them to arrive.See more


27 February, 2018

Nymph dream

The second part of the sessions I did for Patricia, the artist behind the Dulcewedding brush, is almost as dreamy or more than the first. In the brand photography I made for her, we looked for that subtle air of the fresh and current bride of today getting a result of editorial photography.

Today we wake up in a nymph dream.

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