1 April, 2020

Donde Crece la hierba

"Si pudiéramos ir" es el poema de Víctor Hugo en el que nos vasamos junto con Alba para crear el editorial "Donde crece la hierba".

Quería mos hablar de primavera, de crecimiento, de feminidad, de romanticísmo... Y ese poema nos inspiró para desarrollar el concepto de esta sesión.See more


23 April, 2019

La perfecta boda en el Maresme

Hoy os enseño el trabajo que realicé para Mireia de Mery Weendy, una wedding planer especializada en boda en el Maresme.

Y como no podía ser de otra manera, creó para la ocasión la perfecta inspiración de boda en el Maresme. Elegante, fresca, romántica y relajada... la combinación perfecta de conceptos para una boda de la que hay que disfrutar sin más.See more


12 March, 2019

The runes

"The runes" is an editorial photographed in which is probably one of the most special places in which I could photograph a wedding.

Les Ruines d'Empuries have recently started their adventure in the wedding world, and from now on if you want to marry surrounded by history, you will be able to do so.

In this work I collaborated with the best vendors in the area to show how wonderful it would be to get married in a place as special as this one. What do you think of the idea?See more


26 February, 2019

Toscana wedding dream

I have already told you that this past October I undertook a trip to visit Italy and meet wonderful wedding planners and vendors in the area. Today I come to show you the dream of the perfect wedding in Tuscany.

Bianco Bouquet organized an impressive editorial to represent the dream of a bride imagining her perfect wedding in Tuscany, and the result is this wonderful inspiration.See more


12 February, 2019

Fragile boudoir

Lately I've been more interested in some portrait areas in which I had not deepened much. One of them is the boudoir, and I have to say that I like it more every day.

For me the boudoir is far from the stereotype of sexualized sensuality. For me it is rather the opposite, honesty, naturalness, subtlety, fragility ... Show yourself vulnerable in front of a camera so that it shows your most intimate part.See more


22 May, 2018

Summer sensations

The simple fact of thinking about Ibiza takes us to summer. The breeze, the sun on the skin, the sea ...

Those are the sensations that I explored in this part of the shooting that Ana Lui organized for her workshop.

Summer, we are waiting for you with much desire!See more