18 January, 2019

Siblings session on the olive orchard

This session has me in love for its simplicity, which gives it precisely all the magic ...

The olive orchard embraces these two beauties of siblings and surrounds them with those soft and sweet green tones so characteristic of the leaves of the olive trees, and with that environment it is easy to relax. A walk, play with your dog, a small complement and you do not need more to get this beautiful photo session with that naif feeling.See more


13 March, 2018

Sofia Swim

Today I show you the brand photography I made a few weeks ago for swimsuits babies brand, Sofia Swim Shop. We were looking for that casual, easygoing and beachy air, which we certainly got thanks to the wonderful little creatures that wear those beautiful swimsuits.

I invite you to visit the website of Sofia Swim if you are looking for beautiful pieces for those days at the beach that we are so eager for them to arrive.See more