17 April, 2020

Music for the ears

They wanted to make special music for weddings in Barcelona. I understood its character and we planned a session in the heart of Barcelona, the Gothic Quarter, with a wardrobe that stood out among the walls full of history of its alleys, but that was organic and soft.See more


19 June, 2018

Nature conexion

This is a very special portrait session. In it I wanted to explore concepts such as contact with the sea, connection with nature, purity and simplicity ... And those concepts transport me to Japan, to their spirituality always connected with nature and its aesthetic always organic and clean.

I photographed it in Ibiza, in one of its spectacular beaches. It is a different session that I hope you like and that transmit calm and serenity.See more


27 March, 2018

Cristina de Mary-Clove

You already know that apart from wedding photography, I also work for beautiful brands that create well-cared products, and for them I love being able to make their brand photography. And behind each brand there is an artist, and the portrait is my favorite discipline by far, so if I love something it is to have the opportunity to photograph the creative souls that are hidden behind each project.See more


6 February, 2018

Your wished wedding Soul

Lately I have had the opportunity to work for brands and entrepreneurs with precious projects, creating the photographs of their product, or the essence of their service and brands.

On this occasion, this session is from Alba and for Alba. She is the free spirit that is behind Your Wished Wedding. A professional, romantic, organized, creative wedding planner, passionate about her work ... But in this session she wanted to show her most intimate part, her essence, her soul. And is that behind any good professional hides a wonderful person with their passions and their secrets.See more