Say Cute

29 June, 2018

¡Feliz 6º cumpleaños!

Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you!

Happy Birthday dear Say Cute! Happy Birthday to you!

Hoy mi criatura cumple 6 años. Seis años de aventuras compartidas en Say Cute con muchísima gente, así que empezaré dando las gracias.See more

Say Cute

24 April, 2018

Ana Lui Workshop

On Wednesday night I was hanging out at the airport because of a super delay due to the Barcelona storms and at that time when I could not go home, I saw that Ana Lui, a photographer I admire, was preparing a workshop for that weekend and that's how the best things happen ... by chance, luckily, by destiny ... you never know ... But the fact is that 24 hours later I was buying a flight for that same night and Saturday I was already in Ibiza ready to listen to what Ana Lui wanted to explain.See more

Say Cute

3 April, 2018

Día de la madre

En unos días estaremos celebrando el día de la madre, y como sabéis, a mi me gusta celebrarlo todo con fotografía, así que he preparado un promoción única para que en una ocasión tan especial como esta podáis regalar una sesión de fotos a todas la futuras madres, madres actuales, familias enteras, y porque no... a cualquier otra persona! La única condición para poder disfrutar de esta promoción es realizarla durante el mes de mayo.See more

Say Cute

2 March, 2018

Como vestirse para una sesión

Today in the Wedding Tips session I will try to help you solve one of the questions that you ask me the most when we organize a photo session. What do I wear? How do we organize the couple or family look?

Today I will talk about color theory to understand what combinations of tones work best to create the looks of your photo session.See more

Say Cute

23 February, 2018


Today I present to you something very special. I come to tell you a little more about me, a little more about Say Cute!, of my work and my way of understanding photography. And that is because I think if you know a little more of the soul behind Say Cute! we will connect in a more special way.

I invite you to spend two minutes watching this video.See more

Say Cute

9 February, 2018

El vestido

Today in the #WeddingTips section I will talk about the wedding dress. For all those who have passed or will go through the altar, usually supose a lot of pressure and nerves find and know how to choose the dress that you will wear on your wedding day.

And it is not for less, because the wedding dress will define how we felt that day, how we want to see ourselfs, how we are, will mark our entire identity. Sweet, romantic, simple, modern, boho, elegant ... ???See more